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Lanceria Metaverse


a persistent virtual work environment.

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Gear Up or not.

You'll still be able to experience the fun way of metactivities!

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Metaverse for Freelancing

The paradoxical challenge of our days is having to work coherently and efficiently as a team, while at the same time understanding that remote working has become a way of life for many.
Lanceria salutes this challenge and is prepared to offer a brilliant and innovative solution: a Extended Reality environment, where freelancers, colleagues and clients can experience the comfort of perceived shared spatial experience of working in the same room, while at the same time embracing the benefits of remote work.


  • Room Creation
  • Group Meetings
  • Mini Games
  • Quests
  • Metactivities

Persistent VWE

Our final goal is even more ambitious: by offering a standardised open API, we will allow anyone to connect to a VWE (persistent virtual work environment), and to create a massive business work and meeting place, creating the first dedicated Metaverse for freelancers.
In this environment, content creators will be able to create, advertise and sell unique items as NFTs, creating a vibrant internal marketplace of cosmetic items to complement the benefits of a virtual working space.

Even More Features

  • Social Connect
  • Ranking
  • Socializer
  • Relaxing Lounge
  • Create, Advertise, and Sell

Metaverse Integration

As a true Metaverse, Lanceria Metaverse will allow other projects to integrate and to trade assets from other projects, and the possibility to onboard other projects in the future, including NFT projects running on other chains via custom-created cross-chain bridges.

Innovation Never Stops!

  • Meet Employers &¬†Freelancers
  • Showcase Your Portfolio
  • Avatar Creation
  • Own Buildings
  • Trade Assets

embrace the

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